Contracting Service

The Contracting Service is performed through a business contract, which is specified in terms of quantity, quality, cost and completion time, liability for compensation when the contractor causes loss, damage or poor quality product…

Outsourcing service is performed by Minh Viet HR at the customer’s factory. Machinery, equipment, factory tools provided by customers. Minh Viet HR provides workers with labor protection equipment in accordance with regulations to perform work, pay wages and other benefits to its workers, the price is calculated on the unit product or the volume of finished goods.

The contract work done at the customer’s factory will also help the customer to best control the quality, and schedule regularly. Human resources are still under the management and administration of Minh Viet HR, however, customers can still control and monitor products while in production. The contracted work can be a stage or a whole production process.

Minh Viet HR specializes in contracting jobs for the following industries:

  • Garment, textile, shoe making, component assembly
  • Stamping, classifying goods, packing, loading and unloading, transporting goods
  • Mechanics, precision mechanics
  • Fast delivery, freight.

Benefits of the Employment Contracting service:

  • Flexible personnel according to seasons and projects
  • Good management of fixed costs, optimizing profits
  • Reduce the risk of labor disputes
  • Avoid the burden of recruiting and training human resources
  • Helping businesses focus on important tasks

Advantages of Minh Viet HR:

  • The production management and human resource management capacity of Vin HR team is an outstanding advantage compared to other suppliers.
  • Network of 5,000 Employees are working on projects in many industrial parks across the country
  • Dynamic HR Freelancer model with representatives in Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong provinces.
  • Strong recruiting capacity thanks to the classified candidate database and smart support software
  • Very high seasonal rotation and customization
  • The ability to quickly deploy projects on a large scale
  • In-depth knowledge of labor law and application in Vietnam