About Minh Viet HR

In a fast-changing world like today, in order to survive and develop, companies and leaders must always focus on the core management issues of the Enterprise. Transforming the management model from from convention to digital technology, good operation/production management, core team building management, cash flow management and control, etc. are vital issues of enterprises. Because the demand for orders, projects, workloads is always fluctuating, etc., it requires a high flexibility in recruiting and mobilizing human resources to save costs, in line with frequent fluctuations in production. , services… From this fact, many companies choose to outsource human resources, hire recruitment services, contract workloads, etc. to subcontractors.

Minh Viet/Minh Viet HR Co., Ltd with a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the fields of Petroleum, Refining and Petrochemical, Energy, Shipbuilding, Industrial Construction, Maritime, Logistic/Transportation operating seaports, industrial plants, have been started and provided services since 2006 up to now. With a thorough understanding in the field of human resources and specialized knowledge, we are proud to be a reliable support for customers wishing to outsource human resources, recruiting, and outsourcing workloads in the fields of above.


Minh Viet HR always strives to be the leading Human Resources Contractor in the field of human resource supply, recruitment, volume contracting for the Oil and Gas, Refining and Petrochemical, Power, Industrial Plants, Shipbuilding, and Construction industries. Industrial, Logistics & Port, Maritime in Vietnam


Minh Viet HR is the bridge between employees and businesses. Helping businesses quickly and effectively solve problems in terms of human resources, recruitment, construction, cost savings, quality and on schedule. Help workers always have a job, reduce waiting time for work, reduce unemployment time, thereby increasing income and stabilizing life.

Minh Viet HR is proud that we have contributed to increasing the efficiency and improving the quality of Vietnamese human resources, thereby helping the Vietnamese economy to be more dynamic and competitive in the globalization trend.


A. Within the Company

Our core: Strongly motivated, kind, professional, flexible management team and staff.

Our key: Technology is the key to increase labor productivity, increase efficiency in serving customers.

Rules of the game in our team: Minh Viet HR’s team is like a crew on a fishing boat! Each person in each position strives to do his/her role well. We share the value from business activities fairly according to the principle: Honesty –  Work Properly – Earn Accordingly

B. For Customers

1. Understanding: We always thoroughly understand customer needs, difficulties in human resources, recruitment, construction / production, quality requirements, production schedule and safety standards of each project/customer.

2. Provide real value:

Professional services: Minh Viet HR operates services according to a standardized process, personnel are selected, trained, applied mobile tech, data tech, etc. in management. Customer satisfaction and success is the measure of our efficiency and professionalism.

Quality and efficient service: Understanding customer needs, doing well in interviews, assessments, skills testing, professional testing will help us understand the right job and choose the right person. Providing human resources to satisfy customers’ needs will help customers ensure the efficiency of production and business activities.

C. For Candidates/Employees

1. Understanding and empathy: Always put the interests of candidates/employees on the same level with the interests of customers and the Company. Commitment to comply with the rights and benefits for employees according to the law.

2. Giving real value: Using technology to help communicate, update status, reduce waiting time, reduce unemployment time of employees thereby increasing income for employees.

3. Flexibility and flexibility: Depending on actual circumstances, coordinate with customers to maximize logistical issues to help employees conveniently travel, eat and stay when doing their jobs.


Developing Goviec App – application in job search, human resources


Established Goviec.com website – Technical job channel in Vietnam


Established Minh Viet branch in Ho Chi Minh City. 


Established Minh Viet E&C company


Established Minh Viet HR branch in Phu My, Ba Ria - Vung Tau


Established job website Vungtaujobs.com


Established Minh Viet Company Limited in Vung Tau City, Vietnam