Labor Legalization Service

Labor legalization service Minh Viet HR provides is a form in which the Enterprise proceed the recruitment of candidates matching with job requirements by themselves and assign the signing of labor contracts and agreement with employees through us. Minh Viet HR is responsible for the entire personnel management.

Labor legalization service includes tasks (Minh Viet HR is responsible):

  • Sign a labor contract with an employee
  • Manage, update and maintain employee databases and records
  • Check attendance and bonus with partner companies
  • Calculating salary, making general payroll
  • Payroll transfer to employees
  • Answer questions about salary & policy
  • Make salary reports as required
  • Complete the procedures with the authorities
  • Complete legal procedures related to social insurance (declaration, claim payment of insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance)
  • Make periodic personnel reports at the request of the authorities
  • Carrying out tax procedures including personal income tax (tax identification number of employees, tax report, etc.)
  • Calculating personal income tax for employees
  • Managing personal income tax (PIT) deduction for employees at the enterprise and making PIT finalization at the end of the year
  • Structuring and managing annual employee benefits, medical benefits, bonuses

Benefits of using Minh Viet HR’s Labor Legalization service:

  • Legal: Help you comply with the provisions of labor law
  • Convenience: Make your HR operations flexible and professional.
  • Economical: Reduce your fixed costs for employees and convert them into value-added taxable costs.
  • Accurate: made by a professional C&B team and strictly controlled and calculated process.
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee complete confidentiality.
  • Difference: Supporting businesses in consulting to build salary regulations and remuneration policies