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Marketing Specialist is a position that many people aspire to have. Marketing is in the top 5 majors without worrying about unemployment. So how to have an impressive marketing CV template? Minh Viet HR will share with you today.

Overview of the Marketing industry

Marketing is an indispensable form of business. Includes all customer-oriented activities. To satisfy their needs and desires through the process of product marketing, brand development. The highest goal of Marketing is to become a solid bridge between businesses and customers.

With the old way of thinking. Many people think of doing Marketing associated with the image of a person carrying products for sale, marketing, advertising at fairs, promotions, etc. In fact, this is just a very small expression of marketing.

The most concise and accurate way according to Dr. Philip Kotler (the world’s most famous Marketing Professor – the “father” of modern Marketing) said: “Marketing is the process of creating value from customers and close relationships with customers. For the purpose of obtaining beneficial values ​​for businesses and organizations from the values ​​that have been created”

  • Content creation. Develop and implement marketing, advertising and promotion plans to develop brand identity, company products and businesses.
  • Collect surveys and analyze market information, customer choices, competitors, etc.
  • Analyze, report and propose new solutions in line with market trends
  • Coordinate with other departments to perform related works. Determine and forecast the budget and expenses for Marketing and follow the requirements of the Marketing Director.

Marketing specialist CV template – important points

chuyen vien marketing

A standard marketing professional CV will usually have the following basic sections: Personal information, career goals, education, work experience, extracurricular activities, skills… However, depending on the industry you are applying for. that we will adjust the capacity and quality of the parts to be the most reasonable.

Personal information

The title of your CV is required (the position you are applying for). Followed by a job objective, in which you can add a skill that really stands out.

Study process

The learning section summarizes the learning process. Just a brief summary of your time, major, university/college you studied. There’s no need to mention the high school period if nothing stands out.

This is followed by a summary (your work experience and accomplishments for yourself and the organization where you work) and a featured skills section.


Give examples of what you did and the results you achieved. Have you ever done a certain project, volunteer work or short-term contract? Briefly describe the responsibilities and achievements. Eg:

Digital marketing consultant for ABC company (1/2012-3/2012)

Research the market, identify cost-effective methods to increase sales, promote products through word-of-mouth referrals, forums, and social networking sites for local clothing stores.

  • Increase sales by 20% through improved SEO and regional visibility
  • Generate 15% more sales by running a Google AdWords campaign
  • Promote the company’s image through social media with great resonance such as Facebook fan page, blog and Twitter to increase likes and share, attach importance to customer care issues. This resulted in an improved customer satisfaction rate of 35% and an increase in online sales by 15%.

Additional emphasis

Use marketing jargon:  Though don’t use jargon that’s too confusing. You should also pay attention to the terms commonly used in the field. Words like “customer needs” and “media formats” make you “more familiar” with the field of marketing, even though you were a banker in the past.

Show your interest in consumer behavior: maybe your major is not Marketing. Maybe you work in manufacturing. Always looking for ways to make it easier for consumers to use your product. Or when you work in the banking industry, you enjoy learning how clients invest. Whatever your previous work experience. Make sure you demonstrate an understanding of consumer behavior in your resume.


Emphasize teamwork skills, leadership skills, enthusiasm and creativity. Many HR professionals when interviewing candidates believe that the way you behave, work, or lead in the old environment will continue to be reflected in the new environment.

Expressing passion and inspiration on your CV also helps you score points in the eyes of employers. Because the upcoming working environment requires you to have trust and love for the brand. You don’t have to be in a creative field. Just prove that you have the ability to think independently, not in a rut. Chances of getting into marketing job will be higher


You have attended a professional training course for the field of marketing. Or just a marketing club… Put it on your CV. Need to give an outline of the course content or the work you have done. If possible, please explain what you have learned and done from there.

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