Recruitment service is a service that a company hires an outside agency to recruit a number of positions for its business, the hired firm will actively search, screen resumes, then exchange/interview. Preliminary with candidates to ensure candidates meet the requirements and are suitable for the client’s company.

Minh Viet HR is pleased to provide this service to customers in the fields of Oil and Gas, Shipbuilding, Industrial Construction and Industrial Plants nationwide. With a diverse network and candidate database, with a team of experienced recruitment staff, we can help you reach the right candidates in the expected time.

We always put the criterion of “Recruiting the right people, doing the right things” on the top

You are free to contact us to use this service when you encounter one of the following problems:

  • Urgently need some vacancies in the business
  • Need to recruit specific technical positions that businesses themselves cannot recruit or take a lot of time and money to recruit.
  • Need to keep employer confidential information